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    Candy Tablet

    Candy tablet is defined by CFDA as a kind of QS certified tablet, belongs to health food or nutrition supplements. It is different from common sugar or candy.

    Adding sweetener ( sugar, starch, etc.), filling contents (milk powder, etc.) and adhesive (maltodextrin, etc.), after mixing and granualation, candy tablet is made into tablet based on production process.

    Production Principle

    Under certain pressure, shorten the distance between powder or granules and motivate their intermolecular forces to stick together, it is how candy tablet is made. When there is no external forces, granules or powder are loose and full of air among the particle gaps. Only when setting pressure, air would be pushed out and gaps would be filled by granules, and when they are tight enough tablets will be finished.

    Material — weighing — mixing — Granulating & drying — general mixing — intermediate product inspection — Tabletting — intermediate product inspection — inside packing — outside packing — product inspection — godown — leave factory